They come from Chorbastan- The Imaginary Land
Their Exodus is a journey stretched from imaginary land to reality
Now, in front of the audience, they finally reach their promised land.
A unique show consisting of multi skilled comedians who play music whilst simultaneously performing acrobatics and tricks.
"...Their stupidity is intelligently designed"
Live music and Acro balance and Clowning 

Asphalt Exodus

Some of the places we have been to:
Glastonbury festival. England. 2015

Chuncheon festival. South Korea. 2015
Spancirfest. Varazdin. Croatia. 2015
Bangkok street festival. Thailand. 2015

Tete a Tete festival. Germany. 2014
Da Capo, international street theatre festival. Germany

Cest is the Best festival. Zagreb-Croatia 2014
Modiin festival. Israel. 2014

Kremnicke Gagi. Slovakia.  2014

Circul'art festival. Bratislava-Slovakia. 2013
Mini Israel park.  2013
Sztuk-Mistrzów festival. Lublin-Poland. 2013
Jerusalem- Israel. 2013

Zwarte cross festival. The Netherlands 2012
Nijmegen 4 days march festival. The Netherlands 2012
Berlin Lacht festival. Berlin-Germany. 2012
Olala festival. Lienz-Austria. 2012

In festivals we usually do also a walk about performance - FUNFARA



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